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Originally from London, but now I live in  Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I have been blessed to have had a varied career beginning as a medical research scientist assisting in the development of the ‘Membrane Oxygenator’ (Heart Lung Machine) and having papers published in my name.  I intended to settle for a career in medicine, but after I qualified in Pharmacology,  my life changed when, in 1983 I starred in a European Song Contest for BBC TV     (A Song For Europe) in a 6 piece vocal harmony group called ‘Ritzy.

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My Story

After this dramatic change of career I trained with the highly rated Sylvia Young Theatre School in London's West End and honed my art  subsequently starring in many shows.

When I moved to Newcastle in 1985 I met Christine who was, at the time a very highly regarded solo singer. We joined forces in 1987 forming the award winning cabaret act ‘Inseparable’ .

Christine & I were married in, Australia and spent the next few years working as Guest Entertainers on a variety of Cruise Ships, seeing the world and loving every aspect of it.

In 1999, Christine & I formed a very successful touring Theatre Company (Side By Side Productions) taking a series of variety shows to theatres all over the UK.

I am also proud to be the singing voice of the worlds number 1 toy: 'My Little Pony'! 

From age 11 I fenced ‘Foil’ and fenced for my University, a sport (and art) I dearly love. I still find that fencing ‘old style’ gave me an advantage over the new & youthful fencers!

While onboard ship many years ago, I certified as a SCUBA Master Diver and  enjoyed diving the worlds reefs.

In 1999 I was appointed as a 'Justice Of The Peace' and subsequently went back to university to study Law before graduating (summa cum laude) in Science and Education and teaching High School Science for a while.

In 2005 I came back to sea as Cruise Director for Seabourn and then in 2008 I had an ‘epiphany’! I joined Azamara and it changed my life.

In June 2010 I had a song in the UKCMA Music Charts.

Here’s hoping for a number 1 hit soon !

For 13 years I loved my job as Cruise Director and performer. In 2018 I was appointed Cruise Director for our new ship (Azamara Pursuit) and remained until Covid hit the world and all ships went into layup.

However, during the ‘lockdown’ I had the chance to progress into the role of Associate Hotel Director.

Many months of study in various aspects of Food and Beverage and I am now assigned to our newest vessel Azamara Onward and continue to love every aspect of the job and my outstanding company.

In summary, I would call myself a "Renaissance Man" if only I could spell it !

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